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Designing and manufacturing for telecommunications and other uses

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Founded in 2001, ElettroMagnetic Services Ltd. provides a solid expertise in design and production of telecommunications antennas and in the hertzian channel’s radiowaves propagation. We can develop antennas with special features to meet any specific customer requirements, ensuring the customer an high flexibility and an outstanding level of technical support.

We can manufacture tailored antennas, custom products that represent the core business of ElettroMagnetic Services. In this field, our acquired experience allowed us to define a proven method to carry out a rapid and efficient design: so we can supply, in a short time and at low cost, innovative and customized products even for applications were, up to now, it was unthinkable to adopt proprietary solutions.

Customer’s specifications analisys

This first phase of dialogue with the customer, absolutely not binding, aims to put in evidence the specific needs in order to identify the proper solution. Depending on the particular application, we define the electrical and mechanical specifications of the antenna to be developed, trying to give at each of them the correct weight in relation to project complexity.

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Electrical and mechanical development

The electrical and mechanical design of the new antenna is accomplished using both an electromagnetic simulation tool and CAD software. In the case that some preliminary laboratory tests are needed for a direct validation of design choices, all the measurements can be easily carried out inside our facility to reduce development time and cost to get an optimal result.

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First PROTOTYPING and optimization.

In our mechanical workshop we can carry out the assembly of the first prototype, formerly calculated and designed. Even at this early stage it takes into account its engineering, so we can supply to the customer a production ready antenna. We also accomplish all the experimental verifications to optimize the overall performance of the product.

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Pre series prototypes assembly

Each development activity cannot go further without the realization of one or more fully functional pre production prototypes, manufactured and assembled inside our facility. If some specific parts are needed, we can get them quickly from a network of specialist suppliers, under our total control. The expericence allows us to reduce time and costs for pre series accomplishment.

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Prototype characterization

Each prototype needs to be measured in order to verify its real correspondence with the formerly assessed specifications. Inside our facility, our electromagnetic measurements laboratory is equipped with an anechoic chamber, a fully automated data acquisition system and all the instruments to carry out a complete and accurate characterization of the new product.

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One or more working prototypes are delivered to the customer together with one or more technical reports containing the results of all the characterization measurements. In the event that the client company will support the subsequent production by its own, all the required technical documentation is released too.

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Production and customer support

Each project is never an end in itself and our company remains a reference point for any possible technical support that can be necessary in the future. For all developed antennas, ElettroMagnetic Services is able to carry out the subsequent series production and, if needed, to accomplish any further product upgrade or modification.


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